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FAIR-Chem overview#

fairchem is the FAIR Chemistry’s centralized repository of all its data, models, demos, and application efforts for materials science and quantum chemistry. Collaborative projects that contribute or use the models and approaches in this repo:


We re-organized and rebranded the repository in 2024 (previously the fairchem repo) to reflect the increasingly general usability of these models beyond catalysis, including things like direct air capture.

Datasets in fairchem:#

fairchem provides training and evaluation code for tasks and models that take arbitrary chemical structures as input to predict energies / forces / positions / stresses, and can be used as a base scaffold for research projects. For an overview of tasks, data, and metrics, please read the documentations and respective papers:

Projects and models built on fairchem:#

Older model implementations that are no longer supported:


For all non-codebase related questions and to keep up-to-date with the latest OCP announcements, please join the discussion board.

All code-related questions and issues should be posted directly on our issues page.



fairchem is released under the MIT license.

Citing fairchem#

If you use this codebase in your work, please consider citing:

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